Thursday, February 24, 2011

Denise Milani's Parents


I am pleased to announce that on Wednesday 23 March 2011, in the chair. 18.00 in the Municipal Cultural Centre will be the next tale in the historical event under the working title "From collectibles collection of Andrew and Dominic."

Andrew Dominik Kowalik and Volyn and their collectors' passions he knows many fans of the city's past. Almost all relate to Police and surrounding areas. Thus, the meeting promises to be with passion and write it yet. Meanwhile

write down the date in your calendars and come to meet many under the auspices of the Historical Gallery of Police. Welcome!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

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Carolina Velthusen meeting with Jasienica

his time on the forum Virtual Police Andrzej Kowalik addressed the question of figures showing an interesting panorama of Mount Mary in Jasienica, dating from the nineteenth century. His knowledge This same figure reproduces. It shows the beautiful panorama of hills, which today is the highest decoration of the church of St. Peter and Paul Church and the ruins of the monastery poaugustiańskiego.

Figure pleases the eye, but with it comes the question of who committed it. Because The author is unknown. The case attracted me because in 2003 I received from a former inhabitant Drogoradza Horst Schmellinga Caroline Velthusen photocopy of the picture, on the basis of which the engraving was made. The artist painted in oil, in 1830 Mary Hill in Jasienica as a live-like figure appears and copied by Andrew. Horst has informed me that the canvas hangs in one of Berlin's museums.

What we know about Caroline Velthusen? Not much, only just that she painted landscapes of Pomerania and was a friend of Sophie Caroline AugusteTilebein French, who lived until 1854 in Żelechów and it was widely understood patron of art. Caroline-countrywoman friends with her and sometimes with each other salons were housed. Probably the two French women were brought here in connection with the sponsorship of French troops in Pomerania.

landscapists As it happens, among them Caroline wandering through the charming corners of the area of \u200b\u200bSzczecin, Police, and made this picture. On this basis and I painted a watercolor, which I put below.

The other authors of paintings, prints, wandering around the Police still write.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

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On Monday a frosty but sunny day we visited the grave of Marian Yopha-Zabinski (1947-2009) on the second anniversary of his departure to the literary sky.
over the grave of the poet's modest bowed to his friends: Jerzy Leszczynski, Stanislaw Horseshoe, John Grochowski, Jedrzej Lukasiewicz and I absent from the picture.
We lit candles

and George read a few lines of Marian and their copyrights. About Marian George wrote:

"also met you I knew


dispute how much inventory
the shape of the Polish word
a row is too complicated

and there fell a sudden silence
in heart thunder
tethered verse ... "


Sunday, February 13, 2011

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Memorial Regional History lessons

The online forum www.police . was taken on the lessons of local history. Died there, questions whether the Police, the kind of education can exist or not. How is the schools do not know, but come to me, the positive news that some history teachers tell their students about the past of Police. Very good!

But not all fans of history, knowledge of existing educational activities since 2000, the Gallery of Historical Police at the Municipal Cultural Center. So I invite you to visit the MOK, or click on a tab on the blog pages Municipal Police Virtual Police, the Municipal Library, Andrzej Kowalik, Zenon Shepherd. The blog is in fact a lot of information about the lessons of history, completed projects in this field.

So remember that the Historical Gallery of Police from the very beginning (2000) carries a wide-ranging educational activities in the field of regional history. It involves at:
- conducting a history lesson in the gallery for kindergarten, primary school, secondary, high school students
- participate in lessons in schools at the request of teachers,
- guiding trips to interesting places class city and region,
- participation in the cyclical historical gawędach organized by the GHP in MOK,
- assistance in obtaining materials, stationery and iconographic students and interested persons.

Encounters at the lessons of history are constantly inspired by me in the GHP. Attendance at such classes is recorded in the Book Views GHP.

For example, in 2009-2010 in the context of the forthcoming jubilee 750 - anniversary of civic rights Policom Gallery of special education took polickich preschoolers. We have completed two projects:
- Muzealni searchlights,
- "Coat of Police."

Both projects involved children from all public kindergartens from Police, plantains, Trzebież. In total, over 400 teachers of kindergarten with.

And in November 2010 even though the gallery was inundated with water from the leaking roof of meetings with teachers and their classes were held in the conference room MOK. Benefited from the Primary School No. 8 asking for the implementation of eight meetings with these classes VI-on Mścięcina. The project was completed in less than a month with a lecture, multimedia presentations, teaching aids: a model of a Slavic settlement of medieval cottages, old objects, replicas and copies. Participated in the project group of nearly 180 male and female students.
Meanwhile ...

... exhibition at the GHP was reorganized, re-decorated. Some of the exhibits went to the magazine. Others are hanging on the boards, or landed in the cabinets. Subtitles Information is bilingual, the text is in Polish and German. Last Friday, February 11 "new" GHP visited children with Class II c from Primary School No 3, Iwona Herb Teachers and the "eights" - Class 4 c, together with Barbara Witkowska.
Who is interested to know that the lessons of local history, you can arrange with me through the contact - Tel: 608 036 041, or by e-mail It should also go to the website MOK, and bookmark this blog to visit historic.

At the end of I wish to inform you that in the years 2000-2011 Gallery of Historical Police visited by more than 4,500 people, including children.


Saturday, February 5, 2011

White Wives With Mandingoes

Collection Gallery (1)

One of the most impressive exhibits that are presented in the eighteenth century GHP is posażna oak chest dating back to 1746.

stylized date in the metal along with the initials of the owner is on the face of the box. The side mounted handles to carry them. This case has more stylized ornaments and faulty lock. The cover box is contemporary. Her bed a lot of shabby needs repair. The whole maintained in good condition is unquestionable pride of the gallery.

movable monument donated to the GHP few years ago, George Piskulak, a former resident of Police, collector of antiques, one of the first teachers of local history, who met with children and young people in their own home .... His apartment was a small museum features a variety of memorabilia from the past.

Today in the box stores various belongings, including wood preservatives, metal.

posażne Boxes were in ancient times an integral part of home furnishing. Passed them on from generation to generation. Usually receive them girls, who left the family home and marry. The box was packed pillows, blankets, clothing, family heirlooms, feminine adornment.