Friday, December 31, 2010

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In less than eight hours a breakthrough year 2010/2011. As always at such moments a man overlap different thoughts. Definitely most people the new year, hopes that the next 365 days will be good, better than the passing years. Make plans and hopes, we set goals to achieve. Usually they are connected with work and personal life. Both areas of human functioning is a symbiotic relationship, inextricably linked. To live with dignity, you have to work even ... well, to have such resources for life. It is great when professional work gives us pleasure and satisfaction, when referring to her successes, develop. We live and meet up.

For me personally, last year was good. The school teacher was promoted to the chartered teacher. School is cool, I love her and the children have always cooperative intellectual and physical (PE). Police Technology The MOK lived jubilee year. The plans were big, bold, and feasible (cheap at all). It turned out contrary to my expectations and dreams. Everything is "messed up" by opponents of the history, traditions, identity, economic lobby in favor. Despite this, we have completed the event, the common denominator of the 750 - anniversary of the Police and did it well. In the summer surprised us with a failure of the roof and flooded the Gallery of Historical and rooms below it. There was a lot of physical labor to the relocation of the entire GHP belongings from place to place. Now We are on your own, decorating the exhibition takes over again. Work slowly nearing the end of February and we go to education, cognitive forward.

plans for 2010 have (s) ambitious. A novelty will be to implement an idea related to the adaptation of new historical and cultural area, which is still in the future to mention. The case is interesting, worthwhile and extremely personal involvement in my creative raises concern. On going to make an exhibition of artwork in the "Gallery In addition to" my authorship: "Police do not know what." I'm after an initial conversation with Tom leading gallery of suet. Deadline will determine any day.

utmost importance to keep a blog. It's important for me to a forum of expression. Of course, I "gave" to the other friendly forums. I mean, among others. "Police News" and others. I will continue to lead, "Chronicle of the Municipal Police," which is to be in full zdigilityzowana at the City Library. While I thank all my friends the history of Police, my son Jacob, for their cooperation, kindness and common action on the flourishing culture of the Earth Police.

Jan Matura

The photo-model of spatial development Pilch done by the students of Primary School in that town at a conference of teachers regionalists - MOK - May - 2010 years

Sunday, December 26, 2010

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New Year's Eve Police Jubilee calendar

decadence years is memories, reflections, a reminder of the important our events, personal, professional in wider environmental, social. Today, I am tempted to guide the most important events, projects that took place under the common denominator of the 750 - anniversary of the Police. Despite the obstacles, which are not worth mentioning because of the weird style, which was carried out, the celebration of 750 - but were held to celebrate the anniversary. Not as though we had imagined, but always with commitment and passion. Here is a calendar of events of a historical nature. Do not mention the other (there were many), tourism, exhibitions, competitions ...


31.12-1.1 outdoor welcome the New Jubilee Year of the square in front of MOK. The inauguration of the jubilee of the 750th anniversary of civic rights Policom. In the square, several hundred gathered to welcome a group of policzan wants the new year differently. Appeared on the stage Barnim And while the mayor and chief Diakun wishes by MOK and raised a toast with a glass of champagne for the welfare of the inhabitants of the city and the castle.
27.1 "Landmarks Municipal Police" became a field of interest to history buffs. Speaker John Anthony Kłys presented and selected areas of historic buildings protected by law in the Municipality Police. Topic has not been exhausted. We will come back to him, probably more.


25.2 Gawęda history. Mark talked about Dworaczyk mścięcińskim bulkheads, the Middle Ages in the Police. Implemented the listeners in the atmosphere of the jubilee year in the city. After the lecture has developed an interesting current discussion of the historian-archaeologist.


17.3 plantains Cultural Presentation at the Municipal Cultural Centre "Tanowo yesterday and today." I wanted to show, unfortunately underestimated the settlement, the Police and a third village in the municipality Trzebież in terms of population (around 1,400 people in March 2010). Tanowo has its history, its strengths and areas for cultural and social development (the cemetery, mountain Żalisko).


19.5 regionalists III Conference of Teachers of MOK. Successful project history teacher methodologists. Exhibitions, performances, Presentations of schools and their interest in regionalism has shown creativity of teachers and their pupils.


4-5.6 solemn session of the City Council in MOK with all lovers of the city, guests of the fact 750 - anniversary of the Police. Reading by City Council President Witold King act chartered city. March to the market and the unveiling of two commemorative plaques for wall and a registry office before a side chapel of St Mary's. Opening of the Tourist Information and Culture in the chapel of St. Mary's.

Augustinian Fair IV. Event permanently inscribed in the landscape Jasienica. The formula is the same, other artists. The thing is that at one point met many supporters of the Earth's past, Police and ordinary people who like to play, in this case, history in the background. On the occasion of the visit of Germans, former residents of the city and the region unveiled two plaques in Jasienica-spirit and the Police to mark the past of these lands in the context of the events of the first half of the twentieth century.

spectacle, the concert's "Lux Aeterna" in Old Town Park dedicated to former and current residents of Police. About this event have already written on the blog. I refer to it at the end of the text. Excellent event!


Conference on "Police throughout history." Never before has a Police did not talk so many historians, touching such a wide area of \u200b\u200bhistory. I wrote about this on the blog and the "rumors" at length. Police
1922-1924 Days of Music in 2010 with the participation of artists from the Polish and German. The annual festival of choral music and sacred.


like rankings. It follows are inherently marathon athlete, teacher wuefisty. Hence, in this case, after a little thought most of these events in terms of skill, preparation, organization and appreciate the momentum of the concert, "Lux Aeterna." Here are a nod to fellow composer Piotr Brody, who dared to undertake such a task and he did so brilliantly. Of course, with the help of staff of people not only with MOK, but also from the outside: Robert Canaan, the Naval Academy choir, and others. The show - the concert fell into my memory as the most spectacular work in the home edition (we can ourselves.) The unusual atmosphere, venue, number of spectators, it was all for six. Big bow for MOK, director Anna Ryl, Peter and colleagues, colleagues who worked in this work!

highly appreciate the historic conference, "Police throughout history." Valuable, interesting project, well-organized, together with a peculiar halo: occasional exhibitions, lobbies.

third most important event of 750 - was the anniversary of Police through the ceremony, and the cumulative recovery (except for the first time on such a scale) Police of the old market. It was a genuine celebration of the forgotten culture of the city.

photos Mariusz Hałgas, Thomas Tallow, Martin Kłys

Friday, December 24, 2010

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Best wishes!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Is It Possible To See Inside A House

August 14 this year, on Saturday I received an alarming phone call from the director MOK Anna Ryl. Flooding the gallery! At that time a few days it was raining heavily that the roof of the Historical Gallery has found a hole. Liquid water from the ceiling and penetrated to the premises at the bottom of the stage on the ground floor. It looked very threatening, so the assistance of colleagues from the MOK Tom Loya, Piotr Brody moved most important objects and exhibits to a nearby room, the rest is secured, zakryliśmy foil.

total evacuation of the GHP intense lasted more than 2 days. After her residency in a new place, existed to early September, among the thousands of items, trinkets, documents, and construction workers took to the roof repairs and replacement of old, cracked sewer pipes and wastewater management. Since the summer break began to dance classes, I had to abandon it moved to the dressing room backstage. There he did not stay long there, because approaching the Police Music Days, and with it the appearance Anita Lipnicka, which needed clothing.

again on your shoulders and with a volunteer for a few days to carry the equipment on the first floor of the GHP to your premises. There have already been renovated, the tube replaced, walls painted an elegant, dry and aesthetic premises. I began decorating the Gallery again. I changed the concept presentation. Otherwise, set the cabinet through which I obtained additional space for visitors. I resigned from a part of the exhibits. Put a couple of new ones.

Arranging GHP continues. Fortunately, there is no hurry. Everything must be in tip-top! For now I realize the historical meeting in the boardroom, helping the visual presentations on screen, as well as using props and models.

GHP Opening a new plan in early February, which will inform. So far I'm at the stage of making the Polish-German names individual chapters gallery, description of props, memorabilia polickich.

In Pictures Gallery, presenting the appearance prior to 10 days. Currently it looks a lot better and aesthetically.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

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Gallery Adventures with Preschoolers ...

... before 51 years. This picture of GHP sent the popular Mrs. Mary Wasiun the gatehouse MOK. It presents Marysia and her sister Wiesia Knaszak before kindergarten No. 1 Street. Traugutt of Police. The image shows one of the girls holding the pooch. The second favorite toy is sitting on the boys on horseback at the poles.

Nursery is the oldest in the city. It was established in 1947. Since 1995, the Public Nursery School, and from 16 May took the name of "Thumbelina."