Thursday, March 17, 2011

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Police have a lot of interesting places to which it is worth noting. Usually in a hurry the day we pass them unobserved, even though a further characteristic symbols of the city. We wrote about the most important, today, remember these places and objects that they are or they do not, because in the past have been destroyed or dismantled.


In 1949, the Police will then rulers decided to set up a monument in honor of the anniversary of the 5 Committee of National Liberation. Indicated place: the center of the market vis a vis the former proboszczówki, at a church square next to the church of St Mary's. Through photographs, we know that it was a black obelisk niewyniosły height a little over 2 meters, set on three cement steps. Fixed to the plate with the wording: "In honor of the 5th anniversary of the Committee of National Liberation." At the top was printed stylized Polish emblem. Later, the monument was upgraded to a slim column with a tapered basis and wider top. An interesting fact is that you have set it on the table epitaph dedicated to one of the mayors of Police, which was in a disassembled in 1895 the church of St. Mary's in the market. Church there is no epitaph, too.

Police piper

This figure knows many policzan. Little musician, accordionist, rested for many years under a spreading oak tree in front of the police command in the old Police Street. Grunwald. Unwinding is not disturbing anyone. After the changes socio-political transformation of militias in the police and change of command from the street. Grunwaldzka in Siedlce, a uniformed piper went and stood near the entrance to the command. Nice thing!

Mary Hill

The Police community there are several religious architectural monuments. Marian Hill Jasienica Police is one of the most beautiful village locations. The complex includes the ruins of an Augustinian poklasztornego team from the thirteenth century, late Gothic church, formed together with the environment and the enclave of old trees, an unusual past. After leaving Jasienica in the mid-sixteenth century monks, giving it a modernized buildings in the eighteenth century, a more secular nature. This state lasted until the 60s Twentieth century. Later buildings fell into disrepair until the status quo.

Monument in Trzeszczynie

This is one of the few places commemorating visually tragedy of World War II prisoners of different nationalities, who, during World War II, worked for the Third Reich in Hydrierwerke AG-synthetic fuel plant. One of the few, but the oldest. In 1967, a monument showing the form of tortured prisoners, chisels Mieczyslaw Welter was exposed and lies along the busy road-Police-Trzeszczyn Tanowo today. Marble plaques replaced a few years ago with a brand brass chwalącymi other records, the Soviet Army, Police liberators.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

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Uncovering history in Police

When hiking through the region West, Margaret Jurgiel of Polish Radio went to the Police.

encourage you to listen to broadcasts about discovering the history of the Police. hear about the painting from the former restaurant and the Gallery of Historical Police. DOWNLOAD (format. Mp3)