Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Women Wrestling Submition Holds

Ribs in Red (Bundle Monster BM 16)

Taadaaaaamm! Here is my first mani Monsterkowy Bundle. Perfection is somewhat lacking, mainly because the colorless varnish streaks do me: - / I guess it's time to buy topcoat specifically designed for the designs ... In addition, the model of the plate is smaller than my fingernail, and I had domalowywańá shortcomings, which unfortunately is quite clear ... Even so, the end result I like :-)

Monster Bundle BM 16

The manicure I used: ~
warm fingers
- black lacquer Dor No. 18 - two layers
- white paint for decorating Nail
- Monster Bundle plate BM 16
- clear lacquer Rimmel Lycra Pro 421 Clearly Clear
~ other fingers:
- red lacquer Rimmel Lycra Pro Red 323 Riviera - a layer as a base
- red lacquer Lovely Crystal Strength - a layer (the number nor the name of the color found on the bottle, I can not)


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